The DESIGN+ Technology Gateway is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union through the ERDF Southern, Eastern & Midland Regional Programme 2021-27


Introduction to Design + technology Gateway

The Design + Technology Gateway operates as a design team collaborating with various industries to facilitate innovative problem-solving, evaluate, and visualize novel concepts. Our team possesses diverse expertise spanning engineering, computing, bioscience, Product design and Design Strategy disciplines. Design+ Technology Gateway is based in South east Technological University Carlow campus. It serves as a crucial intermediary, facilitating connections between local businesses and research entities within the institution.

Aims and Objectives

Each Technology Gateway serves as a crucial link between the host institution and local companies in the designated area of research. The objective of the Design+ Technology Gateways is to facilitate innovative interactions between companies and the host institution, aiding companies in articulating their technical challenges, identifying suitable state or EU funding opportunities, and ensuring the successful execution of projects.

The aim is to encourage and push innovation within user companies, leading to an increase in new product/service development, along with job creation and retention.

Design+ Technology Gateway is one of 17 specialised gateways in The Technology Gateway Network delivering innovation expertise and solutions for the Irish industry. This Network has established an inclusive policy for all users and essentially enables collaboration between a company and any research group in another region using their local Technology Gateway as the entry point.

In summary, the program aims to:

  • Establish accessible entry points for industry.
  • Provide close-to-market solutions catered for the Irish Industry.
  • Operate on a regional basis while maintaining a nationwide reach.
  • Serve as regional gateways to tap into the extensive expertise present in the Irish Research Infrastructure across the nation.