Work with the Design team on:

Design+ can support a wide range of design projects. Design processes embrace complexity and problem solving, unlocking the potential for new and developing opportunities within industry. Design, as a support helps with early, middle and late stage development. Our overall approach is user centred.

Design Strategy

The model used by Design Technology Gateway to apply user centric design thinking to industry is based on a holistic approach of:

  • A process: State of Play, Frame the Challenge, Ideation/Evaluation, and Action
  • Design team to bring the tacit skills in facilitation and explicit skills to communicate the idea
  • Visualisation of data provides a shared context to promote interaction and collaboration

Product Design

Explore and communicate an idea creating a number of product concepts. This is delivered through sketching, 3D CAD modelling and photo realistic rendering. Concepts can be tested through prototyping and 3D printing.


The design team can also support a wide range of prototyping projects. Prototyping enables proof of concept and user testing throughout the design process

3D Printing

  • MJP 5600: MultiJet. Large format multi material. 5 different materials that can be digitally mixed resulting in thousands of combinations. Build size is 518mm x 381mm x 300mm
  • SLA: Stereo lithography. Plastic like material. Build size is 250mm x 250mm x 125mm
  • Laser cutting: Laser Pro Spirit GLS. For use with Acrylic, Anodized metal, tile, wood, cardboard and leather. Work area is 960mm x 610mm.

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