Our scientists research and develop innovative environmental technologies and biotechnologies with a view towards enhancing economic and social development in an environmentally friendly manner.

Its areas of expertise include: environmental remediation (soil and water); ecology and biodiversity; natural resources; environmentally friendly biomass production and biomass biotransformation into biofuels (bioethanol and biogas); environmental metagenomics; sustainable agriculture approaches; invasive species and the development of environmental monitoring sensors (chemical and biological); bio indicators and biomarkers. enviroCORE’s  close proximity, collaboration and interaction with Teagasc Oak Park further provides an ideal platform for projects in environmental and agricultural sustainability.


enviroCORE’s research expertise enables us to offer the following capabilities:

  • Microbiological analysis – microbial identification, ecology studies, microbiome studies, phenotyping profiling, laboratory and medium scale (20L) production of microbial cultures
  • Genetic studies – gene detection and quantification, genome analysis, genotyping, gene expression studies, genetic engineering, genetic tagging, bioinformatics
  • Invertebrate studies (nematodes and insects)
  • Protein purification and analysis
  • Plant cultivation and plant growth analysis
  • Organic and inorganic chemical analysis of samples
  • Soil, water and plant analysis
  • Anaerobic digestion analysis
  • High through-put microbial isolation and screening
  • Laboratory- , greenhouse- and field-scale experiments/trials
  • Microscopy and microphotography
  • Environmental modelling
  • Tissue cell culture
  • Experimental design, data collection, collation, statistical analysis, interpretation and communication

Equipment and Facilities

  • 2500m2 of dedicated, restricted access research laboratory space
  • Full suite of molecular biology equipment, including PCR, DGGE/TGGE, quantitative PCR and bioinformatics work stations
  • Full suite of chemical analysis instrumentation, including GC-MS, GC-FID, ion chromatograph, HPLC, HACH water analysis spectrophotometer with access to atomic absorption, IR and fluorescence spectrophotometers
  • Full suite of microbiology equipment including biological safety cabinets, incubators, centrifuges, laminar airflow hoods, autoclaves and fermenters
  • High resolution light microscopes and epi-fluorescent microscopes
  • High through-put colony picking QPik robotic system
  • Tissue culture/RNA laboratory
  • ELISA plate reader
  • 4°C laboratory
  • Controlled temperature and light plant growth laboratory
  • Controlled temperature and light research green house
  • Dark room facility

Please contact us on 059 9175228 or alternatively email [email protected] to find out more.