The design division within Design+ is known as the Centre of Research and Enterprise in Design (designCORE).

designCORE is an established centre for innovation and commercialisation in design and new product development. Our team of dedicated researchers and designers have the expertise and skill to understand consumer motivations, culture and human behaviours to provide real market gain for our clients. Our goal is to create tangible outcomes that are grounded from the most cutting edge research methods in the world.


Creative Product Development

Product Development
The designCORE team will enable your company to define and develop new products and concepts in a highly creative manner, drawing on our broad spectrum of technical, business and marketing expertise within IT Carlow. The designCORE team will work with you on creating your point of difference whilst meeting the needs of the end user.

User Insight

user insight

designCORE adopts a truly user-centered approach to all product development. Understanding the requirements of the end user is the key to gaining user insight and creating products which connect with people and create a positive experience. designCORE adopts a number of research and observation techniques in order to understand the end user, which include:

  • Establishing User Requirements
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Existing Competitors
  • Customer Observations
  • Patents, technologies, and regulatory requirements are also reviewed at this stage to ensure that all risks and opportunities are identified.

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic Design

Visual appeal, combined with practical utility, is essential in new product development. It creates an emotional response that prompts the user to engage with the product. designCORE will work to ensure your product is designed with aesthetic appeal, helping you to clearly differentiate your product from the competition.



Prototyping enables proof of concept and user testing throughout the design process. It also aids in the identification of any issues prior to manufacture. The designCORE team use prototyping at an early stage to test intent and review interaction. Additional prototypes and refinements may be required as the project progresses.


designCORE boasts a full suite of equipment to help with all prototyping requirements. Examples of said equipment include:

  • Laser cutting
  • 3D scanning
  • 3D printing – SLA Z-Corp and Mcor
  • Vacuum casting
  • 3D modelling
  • Photo realistic rendering
  • Rapid manufacture
  • Bio metric testing