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Design+ revolves around the core disciplines of Engineering, Bioscience and ICT with design objectivity at the heart of a four pillar process

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Design+ Process

Assess: Assess
By listening to the problem and understanding the history and context, most importantly the user, we map the potential journey or flow of information. Observing and capturing the relevant mile stones that will impact our decision making process. In parallel we explore competitors, the market and influencing technologies.

From examination phase it’s time to brainstorm potential opportunity and solutions. It’s crucial all directions are explored. Defining the use cases, needs and wants for the system or product we create a framework to build from.

Through evaluation and refinement in prototyping we MAKE. We analyse the prototype from all perspectives validating the original brief. Visualising and developing the communication of the product de-bugging as we go.

With critical feedback from the user and client we prove the concept. Enhancing key features that hit the fundamental goals of the project. Providing a tangible result for the company to build from.



  • Specialised IT facilities and equipment
  • Access to dedicated expertise
  • Focused and effective research and development
  • Portal to national network
  • Potential access to funding

Working towards tangible solutions on an industry based schedule. Delivering real results that will make an impact to your business.

Case Study - Visual Identity & Interface

Case Study - Visual Identity & Interface

The Design+ Technology Gateway worked with Veri Integrated Training to develop the visual identity and interface for their user’s first point of contact.
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Our Design+ Team

Design+ is led by a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in Engineering, ICT and Bio Life science:

  • Ailish Delaney

    Design+ Technology Gateway Manager

  • Colin Deevy

    designCORE Leader

  • Dean Callaghan

    Centre of Research and Enterprise in Engineering (engCORE) Leader

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