The view out the window may have changed but the work carries on! At Design+ we have transformed our  Innovation Toolkit and process to MIRO digital whiteboards. This, combined with live video workshops conducted through MS Teams, enables us to support companies seeking innovation, developing innovation processes or re strategizing during and post Covid-19, all while maintaining our trademark client interaction

Many companies are facing the challenges of cash-flow, distribution, communication difficulties and loss of traditional sales channels through retail etc. However, many are also identifying opportunities such as online sales development, increase in local supply demand, increase in food awareness and local produce, opportunities to diversify to new products or new markets. The design strategy workshops are aimed at supporting companies to re-strategise and frame the challenges and opportunities pertinent to their business.

We have designed the digital workshop to work remotely with a lead strategist engaged with the client face to face through live video whilst a second strategist works on the digital whiteboard to capture the key information and visually map the connections. This can also be delivered via our design studio with cameras and sound equipment and the client remotely linked on live video. The live video and visual mapping being shared on the whiteboard brings a dynamic to the workshops and ensures they are totally bespoke to the company’s needs.

On working with Design+ through the new workshops, Eric McGuire,  McGuire Diamonds, Gorey says

“I have worked with Lynne and the design strategy team through the digital workshops and it was fantastic. I received a link through email and once I clicked it I was in the workshop with a video link to the team.  I was able to have real conversations face to face whilst all the information was being mapped on to a whiteboard with sketching and post it notes and text.  It really made me look at things differently and step outside of the day to day, this is all about the bigger picture but then about making those ideas real and actionable. This is just the kind of support I need at the moment as the business is definitely changing and this process has brought clarity and direction”

Whilst Kylie Magner, Magners Farm, Tipperary said

“The digital workshop strategy has been brilliant so far for our business. It’s great to formalise thought processes, collate ideas and at the end of the workshop see those ideas and processes laid out in a logical and strategic manner. Really looking forward to the next one!”

The design strategy process uses tools from the designer’s toolkit to assist in generating new ideas, evaluate ideas and develop strategic roadmap to steps of implementation. The focus is on live projects with known and unknown needs and is open to all SME’s.